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A Coordinated Glance at the Development of Relationalism

The 1% is neither wrong nor evil. They do not choose the "wrong" system, the "evil" system. They are not offered any choice. They just happen to perform the tasks that the "system" allows them to perform. If any of them does not become rich, others will.

If they do not become rich, the poor will not become better off. Let me repeat this: If they do not become rich, the poor will not become better off.

Therefore, please let us stop talking about the "redemption" of the system. The system is not evil. 

The system grew helter-skelter. No one designed it.

Our task is to design it.

The issue is ignorance. Today, and it has been so forever, there is no knowledge of a better system. Our task is to impart knowledge of the new monetary order, the Concordian monetary order. This is a monetary system that is an integral, key part of the Concordian economic order.


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